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My name is Anait Sagoyan. I am photographer from Berlin. In 2021, I founded POSLEZAVTRA, a limited collection of unisex clothes with prints designed to reflect the current social and environmental issues.

All our products are made of organic cotton and other high quality and non-toxic materials that are comfortable and pleasant for the body.

We don’t use any materials of animal origin in our production and all our inks and auxiliaries are vegan.

POLSLZEVTRA is our response to new realities and to the ever-changing social landscape. With creativity and a passion for detail, we are always keeping abreast of the times.

For our products, we select SOL'S® (SOLO INVEST S.A.S) and STANLEY/STELLA organic textiles marked with leading quality control certificates, Brother eco-friendly Innobella™ printer inks and MADEIRA Polyneon Green No.40 (MADEIRA Garnfabrik, Rudolf Schmidt KG) recycled polyester embroidery threads.


Eco products of POSLEZAVTRA: why is it important?

POSLEZAVTRA Certificates



The process of growing organic cotton is very harmonious — its growth occurs in accordance with the natural processes and plantations use no chemicals, including pesticides, or artificial fertilizers. The environmental impact of organic cotton plantations is many times less than the impact of enterprises that produce raw materials by industrial methods. Ecological production consumes much less water, CO2 emissions are reduced, and harmful substances do not penetrate into the soil, groundwater or rivers.

Choosing clothing made from organic cotton, buyer has a guarantee that it has not come into contact with chemicals that are usually used in the textile industry. Organic cotton does not irritate sensitive skin and does not cause allergies.

Some POSLEZAVTRA products use recycled polyester in addition to organic cotton. Recyclable materials are waste that is recovered and then recycled into something new rather than dumped in landfills.

These days, it seems every supplier will state his or her materials are “green”. This is where the Control Union Certification comes in. The Control Union Certification helps manufacturers ensure that the material is organic, recycled as well as meets specific chemical and environmental standards.



When we hold ready-made clothes from organic cotton in our hands, it is important to know which stages of production determine this thing’s organic origin: the raw materials for organic fabric are grown without the use of any chemicals and are later processed into yarn, which then becomes fabric. In the last stage of production, fabrics are dyed using dyes that do not affect skin and environment. The fabrics are then sent to manufacturers who make organic clothes.

For further textile finishing we choose Brother eco-friendly Innobella™ printer inks and MADEIRA Polyneon Green No.40 (MADEIRA Garnfabrik, Rudolf Schmidt KG) recycled polyester embroidery threads. This approach makes our products fully organic or recycled.


An important advantage of the textiles supplied for POSLEZAVTRA brand is their animal components free production. The entire product line is certified by the PETA-Approved Vegan, an animal rights organization. The organization's animal protection principles are based on the belief that animals have rights and deserve to have their core interests taken into account, whether or not they benefit humans.

Find our textile supplier Solo Group and STANLEY/STELLA in the list of PETA-Approved Vegan companies.


Fair Wear Foundation — the foundation supporting fair clothing production — celebrated the contribution of the textile products used for POSLEZAVTRA brand to the creation of safe and fair working conditions and social protection of workers in the global supply chain.

Recently, consumers more often pay attention to the raw materials from which clothes are made, as well as to conditions in which clothes they would buy were created. With care for the environment and in support of human rights, we introduce to the collection of our brand POSLEZAVTRA products made with organic cotton, recyclable materials, and with respect for working conditions.


The Sustainable Apparel Coalition was founded in 2010 by clothing industry giants in the United States, with the aim of improving market players’ practices and reducing the environmental impact of the industry. Among the big names in the industry, our textile supplier SOLO Group is the only French player in the promotional garment sector to have joined the SAC since 2015 and to actively contribute to improve practices.


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